【CD ALBUM】icon girl pistols "モザイクという名の男"

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icon girl pistols待望の新作は2009年発売の「new currency」以来のフルアルバム。
タイトル曲「モザイクという名の男」はなんとSamm Bennettをパーカッションに迎えた、IGP版「Sister Ray」ともいえる10分を超える大作。

icon girl pistols present 'The Man Named Mosaic', the long-awaited first full album since 2009's 'New Currency'. With beauty and aggression, and brimming with decadant dandyism, 'Mosaic' is a fairytale collection for grown-ups; 9 tracks of peerless garage folk rock 'n' roll.
Look out for guest percussion from Samm Bennett on the title track, a 10-minute-plus opus you could call IGP's answer to 'Sister Ray'.
"Is this the happiness you've been searching for..."
Be sure to give it a listen!

icon girl pistols
The Man Named Mosaic
On sale April 3, 2016
1. 汽車が走る田舎 - Train through the Countryside
2. 幽霊のところへ - To Where the Ghosts are
3. ガラス窓の向こう - Outside the Glass Window
4. 新宿的人間 - Shinjuku Human
5. 童話 - Fairytale
6. 古き良き時代 - The Great Days of Old
7. 掃除機の蓋開けてたねベイビー You Always Opened up the Vaccuum Cleaner Lid, Baby
8. ペパロニの帰宅方法 - Pepperoni's Homecoming Method
9. モザイクという名の男 - The Man Named Mosaic (feat.Samm Bennett)


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